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Friday, September 01, 2006



This list will be on-going and I will keep adding until summer is over. Consequently, this post will stay on top until September 1st, 2006.

What I hope to accomplish this summer:

  1. Find a place in Brampton that deals with homelessness
  2. Volunteer somewhere related to mental illness or homelessness or substance abuse
  3. Improve my guitar skills
  4. Exercise by riding my bike daily in the morning for an hour
  5. Save the money that I don't have and not spend it on online gadgets
  6. Watch all the movies I own that I have yet to watch
  7. Get all the Disney movies that came out in the last 2 years
  8. Arrange all my school shit for 4th year, especially my portfolio (buy a nice binder! and make it like my co-op one)
  9. Read over Patho, Bio, Med-Surge, Potter and Perry, 2nd year modules, every-effin-thing I don't know
  10. Watch those nursing skill cd-roms I bought in 1st year to familiarize myself with how to do them
  11. Learn common cardiac, renal, respiratory, GI medications
  12. Know my Nurses Pocket Guide like the back of my hand so I'll know where to flip to if I need information
  13. Relax and learn to meditate every morning after a bike ride
  14. *Police check by July 1
  15. *Health forms by July 1
  16. *CPR recertification by August 1
  17. *Apartment by August 1
  18. ...
[originally posted first week of April 2006]

hey if you figure out the 'common meds' please let me know, cause i know NONE!!

don't worry. i'll make sure to send you whatever notes i make this summer (if i make any). and if i do figure them out, you'll be the first to know what type of stool softener COLACE is! haha!
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